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We understand the importance of symbiotic relationships and are committed to developing sustainable communities. We employ up to 75% of our staff from the village and provide vocational training to school leavers.

Most of our fresh produce is local and seasonal; grown by the villagers on the islands or sourced from local, sustainable seafood suppliers.

The villagers are master craftsmen and we enlist their help for all our carving, thatching and weaving requirements. When using external contractors, we have them working side-by-side with locals, facilitating skills transfer. Be sure to visit the new KiniKini Bar on Barefoot Kuata Island to see the incredible local craftsmanship.

Barefoot Manta Island is also home to volunteers participating in Vinaka Fiji’s Children, Schools & Education programme. These volunteers support schools and teachers by assisting with classroom teaching (in English) based on the Fijian National curriculum, through classwork, literacy games and educational activities.

We are true partners with our local community as 3.5% of the islands gross revenue goes directly to the village amongst other revenue that is also put towards village projects

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