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Bull Shark

Barefoot Kuata

The opportunity to dive in open water with 2-3 meter long sharks is not one
which is easy to come by, and although it’s no secret that Fiji is a world
renowned shark diving destination, there is one particular experience that
stands head and shoulders above the rest - The Awakening Shark Dive.

Our expert dive team at Barefoot Kuata have spent years developing this
dive, and quite simply, it’s a dive you can’t afford to miss out on! The star of
The Awakening Shark Dive is the elusive Bull Shark, rarely found in any other
dive location worldwide. While these beautiful beasts will likely form the most
memorable part of your dive, you may also be lucky enough to see Tiger
Sharks, Tawny Nurse Sharks, Lemon Sharks or Silver tip Sharks. Allow our
expert team to give you some fascinating insight into the lives of these
sharks in their natural habitat, all year round.


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