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Intro to Dive

Our  favourite activity.

The satisfaction of being present in your memories for a life time.

We include a free pool session...
what are you waiting for?


60 minutes
Pool Splash and Scuba diving

First Dive and Pool Splash

$225 FJD


Repeat  $195FJD

Image by Wexor Tmg

Meet the Team

Our friendly staff are on site every day and ready to help. Come and say hello to find out more about our dives.

Divers Preparing for Dive

Pool Splash

The pool splash is a fantastic free way to familiarize yourself with the gear and the magic of breathing underwater.

Scuba Training in Swimming Pool

Time for a dive

Lets'go diving! Now that you've had a practice and feel comfortable, let's head out and let the reef speak for itself.

Scuba Divers
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